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It's Still Okay to Hate 'Showgirls'
Category: Analysis
Tagged: Showgirls
Some critics and fans argue that the once-maligned 1995 film is actually a masterwork of self-aware parody. But they've missed the ugly message at the movie's heart.
Added by on 4/15/14
Why Captain America Started Spying
Category: Analysis
Tagged: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
In 2005, comic-book writer Ed Brubaker's "Winter Soldier" story arc revived a Greatest Generation icon for a post-9/11 world—and in the process re-imagined Captain America as equal parts superhero and spy.
Added by on 4/9/14
The Action Hero Championship Belt
From Steve McQueen to Liam Neeson, @BillSimmons determines who ruled the box office over the past 50 years.
Source: grantland.com
Added by on 4/6/14
Still Very, 25 Years Later: The Bleak Genius of 'Heathers'
Category: Analysis
Tagged: Heathers
The black comedy isn't just a forbearer to Clueless and Mean Girls—it's one of the most scathing indictments of high-school groupthink ever made.
Added by on 4/3/14
Read Sally Field's Impassioned Open Letter About Her Gay Son
Category: Cast & Crew
Tagged: Sally Field
The fabulous Sally Field released this open letter about her gay son today, and it's more than enough to give you a Happy Friday.
Added by on 3/28/14
10 Scripts to Read Before You Die
This is by no means an exhaustive or definitive list, but these are ten scripts every screenwriter–whether aspiring newbie or seasoned pro–should read, the sooner the better. All of these screenplays are extraordinary, not just due to the quality of the writing but also because of their far-reaching impact on American cinema.

Added by on 3/23/14
Wes Anderson's Films Inspire Ads, Not Tie-In Products
Category: Production
Tagged: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tenenbaums
An article in @businessweek where it talks about how Wes Anderson gets fashion brands to outfit his films and what happens to those prototypes once the films are done.
Added by on 3/16/14
Lego Movie: Toy Brand's Minifigs Entrusted to Warner Bros. Filmmakers
Category: Production
Tagged: The Lego Movie
A good look at how Lego determines how they license their brand and a detailed look at how they agreed to make the lego movie.
Added by on 3/14/14
Interview: Wes Anderson On 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' Elliott Smith, The Beatles, Owen Wilson, Westerns & More
@indiewire recently sat down with Wes Anderson to talk about "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but also — like the movie that is nostalgic for the past — look back at earlier moments in the director's career
Added by on 3/5/14
Why Dialogue In Scripts Often Sucks (And How To Fix It)
Category: Analysis
Tagged: Killing Mother
In an article in Wired magazine, Dan Ariely mentions a study that shows online daters restrict themselves to safe topics, resulting in boring conversations. Hmm, that reminds me of a lot of movie dialogue, especially in scripts from newer writers.
Added by on 3/4/14
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