About TheReelist

What is TheReelist?

TheReelist gathers and shares the best movie information on the Internet. There are billions of web pages about film these days at blogs, media outlets, tube sites and many others, and it has become increasingly difficult to sift through all of it. Our team of editors and contributors around the country— along with movie buffs just like you!— share their top picks on TheReelist, and in the process create a searchable, high-quality archive of articles, video clips and more about your favorite movies, actors and directors.

What's the biggest difference between TheReelist and other film websites?

Many movie websites these days are nothing more than collections of trailers, reviews or celebrity gossip. Other "industry" pages provide casting news— the vast majority of which ends up being later changed, or for movies that are never made.

TheReelist is explicitly NOT any of that. This site was founded on the premise that there are many movie fans that want to find out more about their favorite films, actors and directors without spending three minutes glued to a tiny screen; hearing whom someone may or may not be sleeping with; or being told about a "movie" that may not even be made two years from now. There is simply too much good online content about movies that's easily missed— quality, thought-provoking interviews, essays, listicles, analyses, actor profiles, art projects, humor pieces, video clips and more. In a nutshell, our mission is to gather and share only content that will allow site visitors to learn something new about an actor, director or film.

Can I get involved?

YES! We want your help! This is a community site, and anyone is welcome to post film-related links they think are worth sharing. We can't possibly find every amazing web page about movies out there, which is why we rely on you to join us and share your own favorites.

Sounds great! How do I share an article or link to something?

First, log in to TheReelist using your Facebook or Twitter account, in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then simply copy and paste the URL you want to share into the 'New Article' field at the top of any page on TheReelist. From there, you can write a title for your post, a brief description, add tags and choose a photo to include with your post.

We also share the best links from our site on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, which have thousands of (preemptive alliteration alert!) fellow film fan followers.

Any guidelines for article submissions I should know about?

Only a few. First, please try to limit tagging to only names of films, actors, or directors. (We're not trying to recreate IMDB, after all.) If you start typing a tag, and it's the name of somebody or something already in our database, it should auto-populate; if that doesn't happen, just type out the whole tag and we'll take care it later.

Second, if you're posting a link to something that's not super new or comes from a popular website, there's a chance it's already on TheReelist somewhere— you can always run a quick keyword scan in our search field to make sure someone else hasn't posted it already.

Lastly, we ask you to adhere to the spirit of the site, and NOT post links to trailer parks, gossip sites or casting news!

Do you ever edit or delete posted articles?

We firmly believe in and respect the community aspect of TheReelist, and thus we only alter posts if absolutely necessary. Such situations may include posts that appear to come from spambots or fake Facebook accounts; posts that include profanity or vulgar language; or posts with broken or spam-related links. More commonly, we occasionally fix typos in tags, so that a post will show up in later searches for specific actors, directors or films.

Are you able to obtain or record my Facebook or Twitter login info?

No. Only Facebook and Twitter have access to your personal profile information. Like thousands of interactive websites now do, we integrated TheReelist with Facebook and Twitter in order to make it easier for users to share pages using their existing social media accounts, and provide the opportunity to also share posts via social media. We do not store any personal information aside from your Facebook/Twitter account ID so we can attribute your posts/comments.

What's the story behind TheReelist?

TheReelist was founded in January 2011 as a Twitter feed (follow us at @TheReelist), and the website was subsequently launched in March 2011. The founders consist of avid movie fans from Los Angeles, Denver and New York City who hold day jobs in website development, film production, journalism, public relations and other fields.

Is your Twitter feed a bot of some sort?

Hell no. It’s very much controlled and monitored by real human beings.

How do I contact TheReelist?

You can send an email to Evans [at] TheReelist [dot] com, or send an "@" message to our Twitter account (@TheReelist).

Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?

I love lamp.