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The 10 Greatest Moments From The Godfather Trilogy - Films - ShortList Magazine
Quick quiz: What's the total running time of all three Godfather movies combined? Pick a figure. Ask the person next to you. Make it a competition.

The answer is 548 minutes of brilliance. That's over nine hours of movie history that we have had to condense to just 10 snippets.

We make it sound like a chore but, of course, it was a sheer joy to research. This is our ten best moments from The Godfather Trilogy...
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Busted Bust-Its
Category: Video
Tagged: Bulworth, Step Brothers, Al Pacino, Tim Robbins
Video: A supercut of the worst rap scenes in movie history
Added by on 8/29/13
Tony's a Tiger
Category: Analysis
Tagged: Al Pacino, Scarface
A @guardianfilm homage to the "confident evil" of Al Pacino's Tony Montana in "Scarface"
Added by on 8/29/13
Tony or Walt?
This is amusing: a @vulture quiz as to who said which line, Tony Montana from 'Scarface' or Walter White from 'Breaking Bad'
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Spewing Greatness
@NextMovie picks the 15 best movie rants ever, from Nicholson in 'A Few Good Men' to Pacino in 'Any Given Sunday'
Added by on 8/1/13
Johnny Depp is Not Native American Last We Checked
Johnny Depp's Tonto isn't the first or worst time that a movie has had egregious ethnic miscasting, as this @NextMovie list shows
Added by on 7/2/13
Could Have, Would Have, and Definitely Should Have
17 actors who turned down what would have likely been career-changing roles, as chosen by @thewrap
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Nothing to Smile About Here, Boys
A @NextMovie look at when lightning doesn't strike twice - as in, when film stars reunite for more movies with "ugly results"
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One of Many Things Al Pacino Hasn't Understood
Category: Cast & Crew
Tagged: Al Pacino, Star Wars: Episode Iv - A New Hope
Al Pacino says he was originally offered the role of Han Solo in "Star Wars" but turned it down because he didn't understand it
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Oscars: 10 Deserving Winners (Who Should Have Won Sooner)
Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Gleiberman list honorees like Martin Scorsese, Kate Winslet, and Denzel Washington who got the nod as a ''make good'' after getting passed over for better work
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