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10 Of The Best Female Action Stars
It's time for one of our 'Best' list countdowns, with all the talk of an Expendables-type film with all female leads I thought I'd show you my top 10 female action heroes!
Added by on 11/4/13
'Star Wars': Are the original actors too old for a sequel?
@EW wonders if the original "Star Wars" actors are too old to reprise their characters.
Added by on 3/10/13
George Lucas talks cast of new 'Star Wars' movie
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George Lucas says that Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford are definitely in the next 'Star Wars' movie, maybe
Added by on 3/7/13
Carrie Fisher: Princess Leia back in 'Star Wars' sequel
Princess Leia back in 'Star Wars VII'? Carrie Fisher says: 'Yes.'
Added by on 3/6/13
'Star Wars': Carrie Fisher talks playing Princess Leia again
Carrie Fisher says 'I like the idea of being Mrs. Solo' on 'The Talk'
Added by on 11/14/12
A Day Long Remembered
Superfans React to Disney's Acquisition of "Star Wars"
Added by on 10/31/12
Superstars Hanging Out Together
Superstars are cool, but lost pictures of superstars together are even cooler. From Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sitting around barefoot to Einstein partying with movie stars to Michael Jackson and Mr. T hanging out, the pictures show a rare glimpse into stars' personal lives.
Added by on 7/2/12
Nora Ephron: Carrie Fisher, Billy Crystal, others remember
As news of the acclaimed filmmaker's death spread, some of her famous colleagues shared these words.
Added by on 6/26/12
Seeing Doubles
A @buzzfeed photo collection of 19 actors/celebrities and their stunt doubles
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Unremembered Celebrity Couples
A look into the past at some celebrity couple we all have forgotten.
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