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That Guy Looks Familiar
"Cloud Atlas" is hardly the first film to have actors playing multiple roles. A @davidcinema look at 9 great ones
Added by on 10/27/12
Board of Actor-Directors: 29 Who Excel in Dual Role
Whether in front of the camera or behind it, filmmakers like Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller, George Clooney, and Clint Eastwood have proved to be MVPs
Added by on 10/12/12
Smooth Moves from In Front of the Camera to Behind It
@popmatters takes an admirable stab at selecting the 10 best directors of all time who got started as actors
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The Favorite Films of 10 Famous Actors
10 actors, from Gary Oldman to Evan Rachel Wood, list their favorite films.
Added by on 7/16/12
Superstars Hanging Out Together
Superstars are cool, but lost pictures of superstars together are even cooler. From Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sitting around barefoot to Einstein partying with movie stars to Michael Jackson and Mr. T hanging out, the pictures show a rare glimpse into stars' personal lives.
Added by on 7/2/12
When Clark Gable Hitchhiked
A sampling of some great old-timey movie stills from a newly updated book (@LAist, via @slashfilm)
Added by on 6/5/12
A Shout-Out to All You Despots
An illustrated guide to dictators on screen, from fictional ones like General Aladeen to real ones like Stalin (Robert Duvall, 1992)
Added by on 5/25/12
Look, there's Charlie Chaplin!
In honor of the silent screen legend's birthday, @ebertchicago revisits a 1977 piece he wrote shortly after the star's death.
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David Lynch Conjures Up "Painting," "Hair" and "Rabbits"
This is amusing: @rejectnation sees what keywords Google auto-populates in image searches for famous directors
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The Suspicious Man With the Mustache
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Newly revealed files show the British spied on Charlie Chaplin at the request of the FBI. Great resource allocation guys
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