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Johnny Depp is Not Native American Last We Checked
Johnny Depp's Tonto isn't the first or worst time that a movie has had egregious ethnic miscasting, as this @NextMovie list shows
Added by on 7/2/13
Playing God: 13 Actors Who Dared To Be the Deity in Movies
Whoopi, Groucho and Rob Zombie? @MoveableFest collects the strange group of actors who have tackled the ultimate role.
Added by on 5/2/12
We Had No Idea There Were So Many of Them
Category: Analysis
Tagged: John Carter, Noah Wyle, Charlton Heston
Ouch: "Nine John Carters that are more interesting than Disney's John Carter"
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... and 1 Forgettable Slideshow
In a brazen play for page views, @ew gallery-lists "38 unforgettable nude scenes" from movies in PG-13 style
Added by on 4/19/11