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Everything Wrong With Superman The Movie In 5 Minutes Or Less. (Video)
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CinemaSins tear Superman The Movie a new one in their newest video, Check the video here...

From @craigisonfire for @on_QT
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Superstars Hanging Out Together
Superstars are cool, but lost pictures of superstars together are even cooler. From Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sitting around barefoot to Einstein partying with movie stars to Michael Jackson and Mr. T hanging out, the pictures show a rare glimpse into stars' personal lives.
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The Great Scenes: Clark Kent vs Superman from SUPERMAN III
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Film Nerds blogger Ben Stark cites the greatness of the Kent/Supes fight in "Superman III"
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Tom Welling: Five 'Smallville' co-stars who taught me most
The guys at @LATHeroComplex asked Tom Welling to name the top 5 Smallville co-stars who taught him the most and he came up with five names right away. Congrats to @JimmyJindo, @John_Schneider, @mrosenbaum711
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Donner on Reeve
Video: "Superman" director Richard Donner recalls what it was like working with the late Christopher Reeve
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Remembering "Superman"
"Superman" director Richard Donner recalls what it was like working with Reeve and Brando, and why he passed on Redford
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The Lasting Legacy of "Superman"
"Superman" is to the superhero genre what "Snow White" is to animation. There's no "Dark Knight" without it. Great essay.
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