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Colin Firth and Emma Stone on Working With Woody Allen
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Colin Firth and Emma Stone make for a fetching and very funny duo in Woody Allen's latest summer release, 'Magic in the Moonlight.' @Indiewire sat down with them to discuss the experience of working on their first Woody Allen project, and what they make of the fact that the 28-year-old age gap between their two characters is never addressed in the film.
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The Rom-Com Hall of Fame: Champions and Challengers
An article that weighs in on the candidacies of the all-timer great films, the almost-weres, and the Heigls of the genre.
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Colin Firth on becoming a Scots hero
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An interview with the Oscar winning actor.
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Interview: Jonathan Teplitzky on the Crossroads of "The Railway Man"
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The director talks to @MoveablefEST about honoring the story of WWII POW Eric Lomax and having him on the set of the Colin Firth/Nicole Kidman drama, as well as the challenge of keeping the performances of the two actors playing Lomax consistent, filming on the real Thai-Burma Railway and how his own personal grief played into the film.
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This All Seems Pleasant
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Video: Seemingly pleasant people Colin Firth and Emily Blunt have a seemingly pleasant time on the "Arthur Newman" press junket
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Colin Firth on Playing a Yank Opposite Emily Blunt in 'Arthur Newman' and Life After 'The King's Speech'
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Actor Colin Firth sat down with @Indiewire to discuss the concept of starting over, his ties to America, and living down his career defining turn in "The King's Speech."
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Colin Firth in Arthur Newman
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Colin Firth takes a mulligan in 'Arthur Newman' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AND POSTER
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The 'Norbit' Effect: 9 Oscar Killers?
Could Jessica Chastain's ''Mama'' jinx her award-season momentum? See past ill-timed popcorn movies and whether they made campaigns for nominees like Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, and, naturally, Eddie Murphy harder to swallow
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Old Lady Movie Night: "Love, Actually"
@Hellogiggles writer @annetdonahue takes a look at "Love, Actually"
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Everything I Need to Know I Learned From 'Love, Actually'
All about "Love, Actually," by @tholmz of @hellogiggles
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