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The 10 Biggest Snubs From The 2015 Oscar Nominations
The Oscar nominations have landed, and as ever, basically no one's happy. @indiewire compiled the ten most shocking omissions and absences from this year's Academy Award nominations.
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20 Amazing Actors Who Have Never Done A Comic-Book Movie |
Hollywood is now well into the business of making superhero movies, and, with so many film adaptations of properties once confined to the pages of a comic, it's amazing that some fully established actors and actresses haven't seen a single sniff of superheroics on their CV.

But that can all change. Here are 20 amazing actors who have never appeared in a comic-book movie, and who we'd like to see them play.
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The 22 Oscar Nominations We'd Most Like To See Tomorrow (But Probably Won't)
We're a little under 24 hours away from the arrival of the nominations for the 2014 Oscar nominations: tomorrow morning at 7am EST/4am PST, Chris Hemsworth will drag his space viking physique out of bed to join Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs in reading out the nominations. We made our predictions yesterday, and as you've seen, many of the categories are still in flux, with the potential for lots of shocks, and surprises to follow tomorrow morning.
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Jake Gyllenhaal: 25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the 'Prisoners' Star
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While Gyllenhaal's roles never cease to be intriguing, the actor himself is a rather interesting guy, with endless relations to famous celebs and even a good heart (see his bar mitzvah fact below). From his weird experience with public urination to his first driving instructor (you'll never guess who), check out these facts about the young actor that you probably didn't know -- unless you're a true Gyllenhaalic, of course.
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 Jake Gyllenhaal: 'I'm moved by folk you might struggle to love at first' | Film | The Guardian
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Jake Gyllenhaal discusses "Prisoners" with @guardianfilm
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Jake Gyllenhaal refocuses his career
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Jake Gyllenhaal seeks darker roles, like that in 'Prisoners,' as he carefully constructs his career path.
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The Making of "Prisoners"
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@slashfilm provides an "oral pre-history" of the upcoming film 'Prisoners' starring @RealHughJackman and Jake Gyllenhall
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Johnny Depp is Not Native American Last We Checked
Johnny Depp's Tonto isn't the first or worst time that a movie has had egregious ethnic miscasting, as this @NextMovie list shows
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Not Exactly Hero Material
A @screencrushnews look at actors who nearly played superheroes (Burt Reynolds as Superman! @tomcruise as Iron Man!)
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Featuring Anne Hathaway with Long Hair and a Random Horse
A @VanityFair slideshow of A-list Oscar nominees as seen in the magazine's pages from when they were younger
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