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The Way of Billy Ray
An oral history of "Trading Places" by @businessinsider - apparently it was originally to be a Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder project
Added by on 6/28/13
Placing the 'Trading Places' Cast
30 years after the release of "Trading Places," @moviefone does a roundup on what cast members are alive/up to these days
Added by on 6/9/13
Is She or Isn't She?
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A @NextMovie deep-dive into the persistent, decades-old myth of Jamie Lee Curtis being born a hermaphrodite
Added by on 6/4/13
Podcast: Rewatching HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN: H20
Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween everybody! Grab your Capt. Kirk mask, bleach it white, and check out this very special episode of Rewatchability, in which we discuss two films in the Halloween franchise, both with Jamie Lee Curtis, and only one with Josh Hartnett.
Added by on 10/31/12
Horror Work Can Pay Off
Video: A @flavorwire supercut of horror-movie roles early int the careers of now-famous actors, featuring Clooney, Pitt and more
Added by on 10/29/12
19 Patents Invented by Ingenious Celebrities (Plus One by Paula Abdul)
But Gallagher the prop comedian? Or Paula Abdul? Where's the barrier to entry, USPTO? Read further for an inside look at the inscrutable world of celebrity patents.
Added by on 6/26/12
Video: Check out this supercut of Hollywood A-listers in their first on-screen performances of their respective careers
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Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis From 'You Again'
Jamie Lee Curtis talks about the film "You Again" that she used to be a good girl. In her words, "I was a cheerleader. I was kind of middle of the road. I went to a girls' school. I was a good girl. I still am. I just wanted to fit in. I still do."
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