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A-Plus Acceptance Speeches
@filmdotcom offers their picks for the 12 best acceptance speeches in #Oscars history
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'The Perfect Idiot's Profession': When Famous Actors Ridicule Their Craft
Jennifer Lawrence was quoted called acting "stupid" last week, but she's far from the first to roll her eyes at her chosen line of work.
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Iconic Film Stills Photographed in Their Real-Life Locations
Journalist Christopher Moloney decided to start printing out stills from the films and comparing them to their real-life counterparts. Other scenes can be found at his web site, FILMography (
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Visible Nepotism
More Father's Day-themed posts, such as photos of famous fathers and sons starring in films together
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Despite new film role, Jane Fonda says she was 'never a hippie'
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Jane Fonda is now 74 and in her self-described "third act,." Her new film, "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding," has her playing an aging Woodstock hippie named Grace. She talks here to @latimesmovies writer @mymackie about this latest stage in her life.
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Hollywood's Strangest Biopic Casting Decisions
With the announcement that Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic, Flavorwire rounds up the strangest casting picks in recent memory.
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Note: Charlie Rose Did Not Actually Eat His Dog's Homework
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Charlie Rose finishes eating his dog's homework in time to interview acting/aerobics video legend Jane Fonda
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The Best of the Worst
In honor of "Horrible Bosses," The LA Times put together a photo gallery of the supervisors you love to hate on screen
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Steaming up the Screen: 20 Models Turned Actors
With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showing up in the latest Transformers, @totalfilm looks at the top 20 greatest models who have built an acting career.
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