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15 Directors Unceremoniously Fired Or Replaced On A Movie
The director director Lynne Ramsay recently got fired off of "Jane Got a Gun." Those in the midst of the situation may be somewhat heartened to learn that this isn't the first time this has happened (nor is it the last). Here's 15 such examples.
Added by on 3/22/13
The Essentials: The 5 Best John Frankenheimer Films
Few filmmakers these days name John Frankenheimer as an influence. He was never trendy, never embraced by the auteurists or overtly paid homage by those who came after. But Frankenheimer was also a master of the American thriller and because of @indiewire is doing a profile of his best stuff.
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Famous Films Almost Made by Different Directors
Steven Spielberg's Harry Potter, Sergio Leone's Godfather, and other movies that could have been.
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