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Kim Basinger on her '1th Hour' role: 'I wanted to portray being maternal, which is so powerful and innate in a woman's psyche'
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@Salon talks to Basinger about playing a woman who wants to adopt in this new risky new drama
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And the Award for Best Impression Goes to...
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Video: This slipped by us in February, but better late than never - 75 Best Actress impressions by one guy in six minutes
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Steaming up the Screen: 20 Models Turned Actors
With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showing up in the latest Transformers, @totalfilm looks at the top 20 greatest models who have built an acting career.
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Hate the Game, Not the Player
A @thr slideshow of absurd splurges by Hollywood's richest celebs (a $17,000 mattress for Daniel Radcliffe?)
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Dynastic Silver Screen Couples
The gang at @owfilm picks the 10 greatest on-screen AND off-screen couples; guess who came in at #1
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A Character Actor Trapped in a Leading Man's Body
...or a leading man trapped in a character actor's career? Alec Baldwin tries to convince the New Yorker's Ian Parker of the latter.
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