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Il popolo invisibile di Martin Scorsese
Prove superbe di Leonardo DiCaprio e Jonah Hill ma The Wolf of Wall Street (di Martin Scorsese) è un film superficiale, tropppo lungo e fine a se stesso
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Our Favorite Performances: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator
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Many people were upset and disappointed this year when Leonardo DiCaprio lost his fourth and fifth Oscar (Best Actor and Best Picture for The Wolf of Wall Street which he also produced) this year to Matthew McConaughey. While I would have loved for him to win, I knew that it wasn't going to happen. The Academy tends to pick winners that make one excellent movie, like Jean Dujardin for The Artist, Halle Berry for Monster's Ball, rather than actors constantly producing knockout performances in every film. Sure, there are exceptions like Daniel Day-Lewis and Cate Blanchett, but they are rare. "Why give the gold to someone who will continue to create a career of golden performances even if they lose?" That's the Academy's mantra. I think we all know deep down that eventually Leo's Oscar curse will break and until then we will continue to watch and root for him.
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20 Amazing Actors Who Have Never Done A Comic-Book Movie |
Hollywood is now well into the business of making superhero movies, and, with so many film adaptations of properties once confined to the pages of a comic, it's amazing that some fully established actors and actresses haven't seen a single sniff of superheroics on their CV.

But that can all change. Here are 20 amazing actors who have never appeared in a comic-book movie, and who we'd like to see them play.
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 Wolf of Wall Street studio hit with $25m defamation lawsuit | Film |
A stockbroker who worked at the brokerage depicted in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street has filed a $25m (£15m) lawsuit against the producers of the Oscar-nominated black comedy for allegedly portraying him as a depraved criminal with an appetite for drugs and sex.
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Reports are that The Wolf of Wall Street will not open until next year!
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Leonardo DiCaprio as Woodrow Wilson?
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Leonardo DiCaprio's next history project? Woodrow Wilson.
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Old Hat at Old Sport
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Video: It's @LeoDiCaprio saying "old sport" over and over and over in "The Great Gatsby"; oddly mesmerizing
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Making "The Wolf of Wall Street"
A @vulture profile of @LeoDiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' plus a great on-set photo slideshow
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Keanu Reeves Is Too Rich to Be That Stoned
Base salaries, back-end points and bonuses, oh my! A @NextMovie infographic of the highest reported film salaries ever
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10 Great Modern Day Actor/Director Collaborations
The hallowed halls of cinema are littered with iconic and unforgettable director/actor collaborations. The muses that feed the filmmaker, the director that inspires the actor. @indiewire decided to focus in ten modern examples of what happens when a pretty face and a big brain work in perfect harmony.
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