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Why Michael Fassbender Thinks It's Important to Work With Firsttime Filmmakers
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"For me it's important to keep that connection to the new talent that's coming through as well as the talent that's already established."
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Michael Fassbender On Why Size Doesn't Matter
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Michael Fassbender plays the titular oddball musician in Lenny Abrahamson's dark comedy "Frank," but watching the film you wouldn't know it. For most of the "Frank"'s running time, Fassbender's handsome mug remains hidden by a giant paper mache head his character wears to shield himself from the outside world. With "Frank" opening in select theaters this Friday, the actor sat down with Indiewire to discuss the unique challenge of acting with a giant prop on his head.
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Le atroci frustate di 12 anni schiavo
Frustate. Torture. Impiccagioni. Questo è lo schiavismo. Dall'omonima biografia di Solomon Northup, il drammatico 12 anni schiavo (di Steve McQueen).
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5 Michael Fassbender Films You May Not Have Seen
There are other films in actor Michael Fassbender's back catalogue that aren't necessarily topmost in the mind. In some cases that's siply because of their small-scale nature, while in others it may be because they're just bad. Here are five Michael Fassbender movies that, for better or worse, you might not have seen.
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10 Great Modern Day Actor/Director Collaborations
The hallowed halls of cinema are littered with iconic and unforgettable director/actor collaborations. The muses that feed the filmmaker, the director that inspires the actor. @indiewire decided to focus in ten modern examples of what happens when a pretty face and a big brain work in perfect harmony.
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'The Counselor': Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz photo
'The Counselor': First look at Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz in Cormac McCarthy thriller -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS
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Michael Fassbender in 'Days of Future Past'
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'X-Men' image: Check out Michael Fassbender in 'Days of Future Past'
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Worth the Weight
A @rejectnation roundup of "10 Painful Body Modifications That Made Great Performances Possible"
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12 Actors and Directors on Shooting Sex Scenes
Check out the on-screen sex confessions of film and television's finest
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'I Try to Make a Fool of Myself': Actors and Directors on Shooting Sex Scenes
According to these filmmakers and stars, doing the deed in front of a camera requires communication, bravery, a sense of humor, and some serious endurance.
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