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11 Actors in Need of an Indie Intervention
Here's a list of 11 actors whose careers could use an indie intervention. Let us know who you else think needs to take a dip into independent fare in the comments. Perhaps Reiner and some other directors need an intervention too?
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11 Academy Award Best Actor Nominees who should have Won the Oscar.
The Academy Awards are considered the highest accolade any movie or person within the industry can receive. But you only have to look at the countless reviews, movie blogs and online chatter to see how much a films merits can divide audiences.
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12 Movie Stars Who Experienced Career Resurrections
it's a fascinating phenomenon, the Hollywood second chance. For an industry so notoriously fickle and frequently cruel, there's a kind of odd sentimentality at play when an actor beats the odds and stages a comeback. So here are twelve examples of actors who did just that—no matter how long their renaissances lasted, they can all give us a glimmer of hope.
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Great Character: Randy "The Ram" Robinson ("The Wrestler")
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@TheBlckLst honors Randy "The Ram" Robinson from the 2008 movie The Wrestler.
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23 Guys Who Rage Past Middle Age
We salute Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, and more for still mixing it up on screen long after turning 50
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Still Open For Business
A look back at Barry Levinson's 1982 film "Diner" and the film industry ripple effect it continues to have 30 years later
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Jon Favreau, From Swingers to Aliens
A Q&A with Jon Favreau in the @NYTimes Magazine. Here the actor-director talks about "Cowboys & Aliens" and his obsession with making a blockbuster that has integrity.
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You...You Think You're Drunker Than ME?!
Twenty of film's drunkest drunks.
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Mickey Rourke On Mickey Rourke
An interview with Mickey Rourke where he talks about his various roles, why he didn't want to be Mel Gibson and his boxing career.
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An analysis of "The Wrestler"
An in-depth look at "The Wrestler" from a diehard wrestling enthusiast and a celebration of the return of Mickey Rourke (via @sportsguy33).
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