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Robin Wright on Why DC is More Corrupt Than Hollywood
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On the heels of her Golden Globe win, Robin Wright talks about her career, her causes, her kids, her fiancé… and the diva-licious role on House of Cards that's made her a new kind of Hollywood royalty.
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Naomi Watts and Robin Wright in 'Adore' poster
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Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play two mothers who 'Adore' their sons -- EXCLUSIVE POSTER
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Sundance: 'Two Mothers' with Naomi Watts
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Sundance 2013: Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are 'Two Mothers' with a sexy secret
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What we learned at a 'Princess Bride' 25th anniversary screening
An ROUS arrested, Inigo's ninja skills, & 12 more things we learned at the 25th anniversary of 'The Princess Bride'
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"The Princess Bride" Cast Reunion
Video: 4 clips of the cast of "The Princess Bride," back together for memories, video interviews and more 25 years later
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15 Great Movie Love Triangles
Katniss, Gale, and Peeta (''The Hunger Games'') join our fave onscreen ''three's a crowd'' rivalries.
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5 Actresses That Are Overdue For An Oscar Nomination
A look at the actresses who have also fallen outside of the Academy Award radar. These five names will hopefully be a reminder that there are more women out there other than Meryl Streep who deserve to put that funny gold statue on their mantle.
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Note: Charlie Rose Never Test-Drove a Yugo (We Hope)
Charlie Rose finishes his Yugo test drive in time to interview Rooney Mara, David Fincher, Christopher Plummer and others
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We Couldn't Put It Any Better
"20 Facts About The Princess Bride That Might Leave You Craving a Nice Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich"
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Sean Penn Was a Fool
For those of you who want more photos from that @ew "Princess Bride" reunion shoot, here you go
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