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Sean Young REALLY wanted to be Catwoman | Off the record, on the QT and very Hush-Hush
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In an unsuccessful attempt to win the role as Catwoman in the sequel Batman Returns, Young constructed a homemade Catwoman costume and attempted to confront Burton and actor Michael Keaton during production.
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 Bradley Cooper for Lance Armstrong? The Awkward History of Actors Campaigning for Roles
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To effectively stake their claim in the wild, animals spray their urine on trees, plants, and patches of ground surrounding their desired territory. The acting community uses a similar tactic to nab roles, swapping out pee for a well-timed red carpet quote.
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Five Bizzare Things You Might Not Know About 'Batman Returns'
It's been twenty years since the release of "Batman Returns" so @indiewire put together five things you might not know about the bat-sequel. Including that Robin was almost played by Marlon Waynes and how Sean Young broke onto the set.
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Our 5 Favorite Performances In Ridley Scott Movies
To list all of the great performances in Ridley Scott movies would take a week, so here are the top 5. These are performances that not only stick with us, but stand out in those particular actors' careers as huge achievements.
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Blade Runner Polaroids
Actress Sean Young has posted some Polaroids from the set of "Blade Runner" on her official site.
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