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Observations on film art : MOONRISE KINGDOM: Wes in Wonderland
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Wes Anderson has found a way to make films that project a unique sensibility while also fitting fairly smoothly into the modern American industry. He has his detractors ("I detest these films," a friend tells me), but there's no arguing with his distinctiveness.
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It isn't easy being twee: Why the Wes Anderson aesthetic is good for everyone
Sure, mock "Portlandia," Wes Anderson, the Smiths. But Morrissey's right: It takes strength to be gentle and kind
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6 Movie Directors Who Should Start Making Television Shows | TV News |
If you watched the pilot episode of Alfonso Cuarón's highly anticipated new series Believe, you might be thinking that filmmakers should stick to the big screen. Forever. But the Gravity director still has time to convince people that Believe isn't the worst show ever. There's something exciting about a brilliant filmmaker taking on a television series, so here are five fantasy projects from some amazing directors who should definitely come to the small screen.
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How to Make Courtesan Au Chocalat, a Grand Budapest Hotel Short Film
As my commenters never tire of telling me, the best part of The Darjeeling Limited was Natalie Portman's butt, which actually wasn't even in Darjeeling, it was in the short that was attached to it, Hotel Chevalier. Grand Budapest Hotel (our review) seems like the kind of Wes Anderson movie that would have a short attached to it, but doesn't. Nonetheless, it does have an accompanying short, and you can watch it online because the future is wow.

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Interview: Wes Anderson On 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' Elliott Smith, The Beatles, Owen Wilson, Westerns & More
@indiewire recently sat down with Wes Anderson to talk about "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but also — like the movie that is nostalgic for the past — look back at earlier moments in the director's career
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Video Essay: The Visual Themes of Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson has become a film genre. The evidence is onscreen in every one of his films. It's through the marriage of his production design team's (David Wasco, Mark Friedberg, Nelson Lowry and Adam Stockhausen) signature art direction, and the virtuoso camerawork led by his go-to Director of Photography Robert Yeoman (as well as his stop-motion animation cinematographer Tristan Oliver) that Anderson has been able to carve a niche in American cinema history.
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10 Great Modern Day Actor/Director Collaborations
The hallowed halls of cinema are littered with iconic and unforgettable director/actor collaborations. The muses that feed the filmmaker, the director that inspires the actor. @indiewire decided to focus in ten modern examples of what happens when a pretty face and a big brain work in perfect harmony.
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Not Afraid to Go Short
A @filmdotcom roundup of 10 recent TV commercials directed by famous film directors (clips of each included)
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Bienvenidos to Budapest
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@slashfilm has a preview of Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" in the form of photos and video clips
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25 Greatest Working Directors
Oscar season is a time to celebrate cinematic excellence, so what better time to count down our picks for the most talented, in-demand filmmakers behind the camera today?
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