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Will Smith talks about being a river to his people
A candid courtside interview with Will Smith where he finally admits that "After Earth" was a total disaster
Added by on 2/13/15
11 Actors in Need of an Indie Intervention
Here's a list of 11 actors whose careers could use an indie intervention. Let us know who you else think needs to take a dip into independent fare in the comments. Perhaps Reiner and some other directors need an intervention too?
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"Why Chris Hemsworth Won't Make Robert Downey Jr. Money"
A fascinating @THR look at the salary divide separating young and old Hollywood stars
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Keanu Reeves Is Too Rich to Be That Stoned
Base salaries, back-end points and bonuses, oh my! A @NextMovie infographic of the highest reported film salaries ever
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My Wife is Sleeping: Movies from my Youth - Independence Day turns 17
Independence Day Still Shines Bright
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How the Summer of 2013 Kicked Off the Post-Movie Star Era
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We are living in a post-movie star era, but Will Smith was the last one to find out. An interesting article about why stars don't matter anymore.
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Could Have, Would Have, and Definitely Should Have
17 actors who turned down what would have likely been career-changing roles, as chosen by @thewrap
Added by on 6/15/13
Just Be Yourself
@pajiba: "The 15 Most Delightfully Enjoyable Instances of an Actor Playing Him or Herself in a Movie"
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Will Smith talks to Jimmy Kimmel about 'After Earth' disappointment
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Will Smith talks 'After Earth' disappointment on 'Jimmy Kimmel'
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Surviving "After Earth"
Category: Analysis
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Speculating if the total disaster that is "After Earth" is a death knell for Will Smith's A-list status or not
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